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This course is a learning support environment for the COBERS courses

This training has been designed to equip with fundamental knowledge of what systematic reviews and how they are conducted

By the end of this course, successful participants will be able to

Describe current concepts of how people learn and theory that underpins these concepts

Write learning outcomes for teaching EBHC

Describe and evaluate various teaching methods which promote active learning

Consider various assessment strategies

Deliver and evaluate a teachin event in EBHC

This course targets mid-level operational managers to equip them with knowledge and skills to become effective leaders and practioners in DRRM and humanitarian service delivery

This course targets mid-level managers and districts officials involved in DRM programing. It provides an indept focus on Climate Risk Management as an aspect of the broader DRM. It also delves deeper into leadership issues around DRM

The Evidence-Based Public Health (EBPH) workshop aims to introduce the concepts of Evidence-Based Public Health in terms of finding,appraising, interpreting and applying best evidence to Public Health questions relevant to the African setting

This course is for playing about

This environment contains additional e-Learning support content for Applied Biostatistics I

This is the e-Learning support environment for Applied Epidemiology I

This is the participant practice site for the course titled Fundamentals of Instructional Design.

This short course covers the basics of instructional design and how they are applied to the development of quality training programs and courses. Starting with the theoretical basis of teaching and learning, the course navigates key concepts in the design, development and delivery of quality courses both from a near and distance perspective. The course balances both theoretical presentations and practical sessions in equal measure, to give the participant hands on experience on how to use the different tools. The ultimate aim of the course is to build a critical mass of higher education tutors who can design high impact courses to improve delivery of teaching and learning. The course also looks at the state-of-the-art regarding teaching methodology, especially in the areas of high value learning objects and e-Learning. On completion of the course, the participant is qualified to be a 'developer'.